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Brian McGrattan is a stand-up guy.

I have a special place in my heart for the Predators. I was thirteen when the Preds came to Tennessee, already primed for five years with a love of hockey from extensive re-watchings of “The Mighty Ducks” and subsequent films. I’m not embarrassed about that either! Hockey, and ice, was hard to come by in Tennessee. We had a couple of minor league teams, but none in my hometown. The closest ice rink was a 45 minute drive away in either direction. All my passion for the game came out through fiction, both visual and textual.

All that to say that, if I still lived in Nashvegas, I would be out there busting ass for the Predators every night there was a game, and the fondness stretches all those miles of difference. Brian McGrattan, a right-winger the Preds claimed off waivers this year, is worthy of that praise. This is really touching clip of him speaking about his experience as a recovering alcoholic at the Nashville Salvation Army Sobriety Banquet.

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You may only temporarily be a Predator, Brian, but you make it easy to be a fan.